Am I doing something wrong? I’ve been single for 20 years (no lie) and I feel lonely a lot. I feel like I’m waiting for a person who doesn’t exist. Thoughts?


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  • MaryC


    You are not doing anything wrong. The right person will come along. IMHO it is better to be single than to be with someone who isn't fight for you. The pain of breaking up is much worse than feeling lonely and waiting for the right one. Believe me, I know from experience. I dated her & there until I met my husband. When we met it was live at first sight & we knew we would be together forever. We have been married 24 years & while it hasn't always been easy we love each other. I'm so glad I waited for him.

  • andooe


    I had zero luck romantically for a long, long time. Never dated anyone while I was in school. Only got together with my current partner when I was 20, and we've known each other for years. It can take time to find someone, especially in hard times like these, but I do seriously believe anyone can find someone to love if you're just patient and caring enough. I wish you the best of luck in that regard.

  • SkylerRose


    Even if no one walks into your life, you've got enough self respect to stick to your standards and expectations. That is INCREDIBLE and don't ever lower them!!! Summertime's the life long partner you need is yourself, because there is no one who can fulfill your life unlike you yourself can. Trust me, don't make the mistake that allot of people have (including me) and lower your standards and expectations, we are miserable.

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