I really am not well today. self harm urges just turned into suicidal thoughts and I don't feel like being here anymore. I'm at work and I want to cry so badly. I hate myself more than ever and I can't with life. I need some support and a big hug from someone.

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  • Dad.of.Many


    Virtual hugs coming your way. I was at that same point years ago and I remember the feelings like it was yesterday. Have you consulted with your doctor and/or a good psychiatrist? Those and meds changed my life. I still have the darks from time to time, but so much better than before. Would you mind if I pray for you? You can message me on here at any time. I'm on a lot during the day. There is a light out there, it's just hard to see when the darks overtake you. Stay safe and message me when the darks hit. It's gonna be okay! A song I listen to in my dark times is "Be Held" by Casting Crowns. Give it a listen. It always helps me.

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