Anyone else feels as if there nothing without their meds and feels lazy and unmotivated when your not on them?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • rartedconsumer


    I get used to being off meds after a couple weeks. I've been off meds for a year now. Sometimes though, I remember how better off I was when the meds were working. But I've tried getting back on and having trouble with seeing the negatives.

  • ___


    I feel like that now and I’m on meds! But they’re not working so yes

  • itchylight


    I've been off meds for 7 years cause my parents don't want me on the meds because it made me a zombie

  • NamesAreHard


    I’m not sure. I’m fairly new to the meds, but I’m kinda lazy and unmotivated on them as well. Maybe I’m a bit better. The main thing I’ve noticed with meds is just being better at not zoning out. I’ll probably have to up my own dosage before I’m able to answer this question super well though

  • Atlas_tics


    I feel the same way, but I'm so used to being unmedicated, it's more like I'm shocked at how much I can do and accomplish when I have the right meds

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