I really want to get a glow-up, my face is scarred from acne, I have natural eyebags that I hate, one eye that opens more than the other, freckles, small crusty ass lips, and faded red and black hair. Are there any tips to get a slimmer face and a stronged jaw line, or anything in genreal?

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  • anarchoqueer


    OK first of all we got to want to improve ourselves for us and no one else, so its important to start loving yourself now! It's normal to have textured skin, bags from living in this capitalist society, freckles are viewed as cute by like 3/4 of the 8 billion people on earth, and wear some chapstick 💀💗 I recommend working with what you got rn and loving yourself. Learning about how hairstyles relate to face shapes is A MUST! Some hairstyles are so beautiful and flattering for rounder faces that make slim faces look goofy. Also learn about warm vs cool skin tone and color theroy. Face shape and color theory/skin tone knowledge will help you out with makeup, hair dye, and clothing. Learn how to dress in a way that flatters your body, accentuate the parts of yourself that you love. Start researching on subculture and style interests that you personally like. Download pinterest and starting saving shit lmao, it's great for sparking unique ideas. It isn't really a natural talent glow up, it's skill that's more about learning how to dress and "be" in a way that flatters your true self.

  • ijou


    i’ve been trying for the same— don’t use any BS skincare, find some good lip balm, change up your hair if you want! embrace the features you can’t change- freckles and eyebags are so pretty! and don’t get lost in it you’re pretty the way you are especially if you’re confident in yourself

  • em.ily03x


    i have the same problems like to a T and these comments helped me :)

  • Zacharypeace


    This is going to sound weird but chewing gum daily can actually improve your jawline by using the muscles in your mouth. Also if you tilt your head up and then make a kissy face with your lips and push them forward while looking up you will feel it in your jaw and neck of the muscles stretching and working.

  • signature_sauce


    try the ordinary AHA-30% + BHA 2% exfoliating serum. it’s only like 8 bucks and it’s for hyperpigmentation and scarring. i got mine at an ulta and it’s honestly helped even my skin tone so much. and for the freckles, people are drawing on freckles, embrace your natural ones! :) i too have freckles

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