Should I take lamictal in the morning or at night? I started at 25mg and am now on 50mg working my way up to at least 100mg to treat bipolar II. I’ve noticed lately that I feel tired/ run down almost all day. By like 10-11am I’m already ready to leave work and can’t get motivated to do complicated tasks. I also feel like my head is sort of empty(?). My sleep hasn’t changed so my thought is it has to be the medication.


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  • Koalakid


    I'm taking 150mg 2x daily for my epilepsy. I have had the same issues, and started taking vitamin b6 once a day and have noticed a tremendous difference! It's helped with my motivation and ability to stay awake and push through those low times. I suggest staying in touch with your doctor and letting them know. Maybe it's not the right medication for you. Hope this helps!

  • NoraLeigh


    I take 250mg for epilepsy. I'm suppose to take it twice a day but when I do I have bad nightmares so I take mine once and I prefer taking it in the evening around dinner time or after dinner. I don't have nightmares with just once and I'm not groggy during the day.

  • maic


    I used to take it at night too because I felt like it dulled me if I took it in the morning

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