looking 4 advice/opinions..I'm in chronic pain from my neck 2 my feet. literally hurt every where. never goes away. have depression daily. nothing but my son helps. bipolar (the mean kind. alittle more under control now) ptsd 4 multiple reasons. anxiety. type 2 diabetes. alittle more under control. chronic fatigue syndrome. with all this combined I can't do anything like I used 2. stay tired, drained, etc. ppl say they understand but if they're not going through it or have been through it they can't completely understand. I'm also from Alabama. want 2 talk 2 ppl no matter where ur from but would like 2 talk 2 some in Alabama as well



Arteritis, Vasculitis

Generalized pain

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  • Dr._Dolittle


    I can’t say I found the GIFT of being pain free. Stretching may help some. I’m in pain 24/7. I just hit my head and broke my neck in 5 spots. They fused c4-T1. I have scoliosis 57 degree curve and I have broken my lower back 2X. Just know your not alone.

    • roadrage


      ty. I'm so sry abt ur injuries. It sucks but I do try 2 look at it as things could b worse. Although it's hard 2 look at it like that sometimes

  • House_l


    I did a travel assignment in Alabama in Montgomery. There are many pain clinics there. Don’t know if that helps.

  • BellaDonna978


    I’m from Alabama, diagnosed with Vasculitis and I’m hurting more than ever. No one seems to listen

  • Niffer222


    I'm in Texas and can relate to you in almost all of what you said. I know that just having a friend who understands who will talk and or listen is a good distraction. I know a few things that have worked for me.

  • Raynbow


    I have fibro and bipolar. Fighting away the depression I hard!

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