I have hypothyroidism and take levothyroxine. After every meal I experience extreme fatigue that can last hours. Has anyone had this experience and how did you correct the problem?


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  • Streeter


    Thank you. I thought I was crazy. I get so sleepy to the point of nodding mid conversation. Always after meal s.

  • Que27


    I feel the same, they just raided the Mcg again to stop me from from crashing in the afternoon.

  • Micah


    This sounds blood sugar related. Please get your A1C tested.

  • Bit


    I made some changes. I don't eat breakfast, and I now take the levothyroxine 90 minutes after lunch and I am no longer sleepy the rest of the day. Strange, because you are supposed to take it on an empty stomach. But it's working for me.

    • Bit


      Now I'm taking the levothyroxine with my first meal and it's working and I'm no longer tired all day. Taking it in the morning 30- 60 minutes before eating did NOT activate the medication for me.

  • Micshys


    I take my meds in the middle of the night so it is not near any meal due to the hemochromatosis

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