i haven’t been properly diagnosed, however i did start pulling out my eyebrows a few years ago. It started because they would hurt and then i would pull on them and a hair would come out and they would stop hurting. now i obsessively do it and mostly i don’t even know i’m doing it, i have really thick eyebrows and one of them is starting to noticeable bald patches and i really want it to stop. sometimes i pull out head hair too when my anxiety is really bad but not as often as my eyebrows.

Trichotillomania (TTM)

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  • Btfldrmer09


    I’ve been pulling my hair and eyelashes out for about 25 years, but I’ve been a lot better about my eyelashes in recent years. I do pull at my eyebrows if I feel a certain hair follicle is irritated, until I find it and get it out. A couple things you can try are applying Vaseline to your eyebrows to make them slippery and make you want to avoid greasy fingers. If it’s tweezers you use to pull, hand them over to a friend or relative, or put them in a place that’s not too easy for you to access, and set a timer for yourself when you actually need to use them so you don’t go overboard. I hope this helps!

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