Anyone else able to know what the weather is like before looking out of the window in the morning? woken up groggy and stiff, and that means rain! I feel like a cat 🙃

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  • Pain_Warrior89


    Yeah. Altho the weather is a BIG part. Barometric pressure is the main thing...any changes. You can download them. When my pains really bad and I can't figure out why I check that and there's generally been a big change

  • QueenVEY


    Yes! The pain has been awful with the recent changes to cold. I can feel it in my spine the moment it starts to dip then the rest of my body but especially my limbs. Massage helped strangely enough. I bought some electronic massagers.

  • BraeburnGirl


    Oh yeah!! My body is one big weather station!! Achy joints? It’s wet out. REALLY achy everywhere? I bet it’s cold, too? Maybe they should hire us fibro warriors as meteorologists!! 😂😂😂

  • crafty_spoony


    Yes! I said this to a friend yesterday 😂 we both can tell in our bones if it's raining outside before getting out of bed!

  • Natz


    Yep! Always feel like I have so much more energy and less pain in the summer months!

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