started testosterone yesterday! this is really exciting for me. i'm looking to talk with other trans people about HRT. i know there won't be any major changes for a while, and i'm on a small dose right now, but i want to hear from other people about their experiences and what their first changes were.

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Testosterone • Type: Injectable


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  • keros


    For me the first changes was hair around my body but that depends on genetics, tho most things with T do. I started on a low dose as well and on patches so my voice started changing but not to extremes until I started doing injections now my voice matches my age more and I'm a lot happier with it, but I was happy with the changes back then too because it was progress. It started changing my hairline, added to it surprisingly it made kind of a widows peak. a lot of people talk about bottom growth immediately after starting but I didn't really experience that. and one of the biggest things was I felt a lot more stable and rational. I have mental health issues but it's definitely helped a lot with being overly sensitive or emotional to smaller things

    • pixelpup


      thank you for sharing your experience!

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