Hi all! I was diagnosed with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy when I was 15, and I am 20 now. Does that mean my epilepsy type is still juvenile myoclonic or just myoclonic epilepsy? I'm not sure if no longer being a minor changes that.


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  • Hallz


    Id say juvenile was just referring to your age. So i would just say you have myoclonic epilepsy. But your type seizures/epilepsy can change as you get older. I was diagnosed with epilepsy when i was 22 after having 4 grandmal seizures out of nowhere one morning. They never could tell me what kind of epilepsy i have

  • Cait1111


    That sucks not knowing :/ I have a history of several kinds of seizures, such as gradmal seizures, but I think myoclonic ones are most common in me. It would be super hard to pin down what you have unless you went off your meds for awhile, but the negatives outweigh the positives of doing that. No need for seizures.

  • plantkid


    i have the same diagnosis as you- and i have 19 when i was diagnosed. it refers to the time the epilepsy developed/when your seizures started :) hope this helps!

  • whatsupwithnick


    I spoke with my Nuerologist about this a few months back. With JME, it doesn't really change or go away sadly. Also, what plantkid said above (-:

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