I started on Levothyroxine .25mg and then went to .25mg 5 days a week and .50mg weekends, recently doing .50mg every day now due to blood work. I don't think I ever noticed any difference with the medication, even though my levels have improved. I'm still tired all of the time, I still have a hard time losing weight (kinda stopped trying and just accepting how I am but it's frustrating) and so easily gain weight. I was also tested for autoimmune diseases but my doctor said everything was normal. I don't know what else to do.

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  • SheltyK


    I'm sorry you're going through that. My experience is very similar, but I'm on 200 mcg every day. I had good success with keto but I gained it all back as soon as I started eating normally. I think I'm going to try fasting. I'll eat between the hours of 10-6. Wish me luck!

    • Karkeys


      I am very against restrictive diets like that, they're proven to not work and lead to binging later on, up to 90% of people regain the weight back.

  • rackel


    I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with your levothyroxine not doing its job. For me, taking vitamin D helped a lot with the energy levels which made me more active and helped me lose a small amount of weight, enough so my clothes fit better.

    • Karkeys


      I'm doing that already, I live in the PNW so vitamin D deficiency is very common lol

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