I have zero income at the time and can't afford the out of pocket expense for my DDAVP/Desmopressin acetate. any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated. I can NOT live without this medication.



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  • LittleBit2022


    Wow that’s really sad have you tried like looking on like some of the discounted pharmacies online to see if they have it for a cheaper price than what it cost or so I’m guessing you don’t have insurance because my insurance pays for mine and I just have a co-pay

    • Peanut1T


      I was able to find a lower price. Thanks for asking. No programs exist for assistance with this medication. It's been a tough road for me.

  • lenarollins


    Your hospital might be able to assist with getting it. They did with mine when I didn't have medicaid.

    • Peanut1T


      thanks. Looking into it a little further and had to get a lawyer. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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