hi I'm John I want to learn what's best for gerd?

Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


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  • strong


    I'm on meds for it

  • Columbus


    I take acid reducer, it works just fine. I just wonder if I may stop it already

  • ATranceClassic16


    I've been told by quite a few GI professionals to either start with, or at least incorporate pH balanced water. (pH of 9 seems to be the sweet spot for me at least)

  • Ify


    Try drinking alkaline water. I switched from regular water to alkaline heard it helps

  • Venusismyname


    Mint gum helps me when I get nauseous from it

  • Ameenn


    Light meals, drink sufficient water and staying active is important with GERD symptoms. I take omeprazole as needed.

  • mynewfriend


    I take OTC nexium and it keeps my symptoms down. When I do have gerd issues, I get relief from drinking hot water, ginger beer (not ginger ale, find the good stuff with ginger root listed in the ingredients!), Sometimes mint tea or mint water, and adding ginger powder to some white rice. Vegetable or almond milk, especially chocolate flavored can be soothing- careful though because nuts and chocolate can irritate some people. Some people swear by aloe juice but I find that irritating.

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