I am worried about how my mental health and my Hydrocephalus parallel. Does my Hydrocephalus condition affect my emotional well- being? If so, how?

Congenital hydrocephalus

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  • Tomatoface


    Well, most of us get mood swings. I’ve noticed I’m a long moodier/quick tempered after my accident, when it was first discovered. And I’m sure it causes my anxiety, which I’ve heard is very common

  • TheJubilantJake


    Well from my perspective I feel I don't act differently than how I used to before I got sick. ("got sick" meaning at 12 years old my shunts malfunctioned, went through 34 surgeries and I lived in the hospital for 5 months straight). My face became paralyzed from the operations so I was unable to smile but it never NEVER took away my spirit. Even though you couldn't see my smile externally, I was smiling inside for sure! And this all happened when I was in 7th grade! Puberty!! I mean could everything not have come at a WORSE time? I lost all my innocence as a kid and I had to become mature pretty fast. (Not many adults I know could even do what I have done at my age). I missed Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine's Day being stuck in a stupid hospital. ...Sorry, I don't mean to take your time. Thank you for reading and listening. 🤗

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