I'm struggling. When does it get better? My little one is 8 months old and I thought by now my mood would have stabilized a bit more. instead I just want to curl up in bed and disappear because all I do is fail him. he's my world and he's stuck with a broken person like me as a mom and I feel so guilty. he deserves better

Irritability and Anger

Postpartum Depression (PPD)

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  • A.Zuni


    🥺 I feel you. I also have an 8 month old and I do get like that too. I rather take care of him than myself. Is it just you staying home and taking care of him too? :/

    • Zenia


      my husband is around 90% of the time and helps and does amazing. But I just feel like I'm not doing enough

      • A.Zuni


        I totally understand. Have you lost interest in old hobbies? Find yourself easily frustrated and Irritable?

  • Ajr


    My daughter will be 13 months this month and I'm still depressed. She doesn't 72 days in the nicu born 9 weeks early. Hardest time of my life walking by or in her room and she wasn't there. I still cry thinking about it. Good luck momma



    😥😥😥 i dont even know what to say because i feel this way. I feel like im failing so bad as a mom

    • Ajr


      I feel the same way. I don't like to cuss in front of my daughter but I've done that. I've yelled at her and I've been depressed. My love for her is everlasting but I have those days. I hate myself. I wish I could redo from the first time she came home. I feel like a failure. I'm mad about it and it hurts my heart.

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