i’ve been dealing with palpitations every day and it’s really affecting my life. i have WPW, and am going to talk to my cardiologist about it but, are ablations worth it? i don’t know the risks and/or after affects. does it actually help or have you found it made things worse?

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  • meg35


    Yes it is worth it and helps in the long run

  • Jyamauchi


    Hello, I had WPW few years ago, very minor. Went in for an ablation to “freeze it” and made it 1000 times worse. My heart rate would beat 180-200 all day until I went to bed. After a week of that went into the ER to get my heart rate down. Had another ablation done “microwaved it” and it worked. Walked out of the hospital with no pacemaker. I was about 19 at the time. Talk to your doctor. Ablation is super easy and harmless. Definitely worth it! I still get a skip and a flutter hear and there but it’s normal after an ablation.

  • pacer


    I have WPW and had to have an ep study with the option of ablation and the doctor tabulated the AV node making a pacemaker my only option. Now I have a pacemaker I have to deal with along with the arrhythmia and my episodes went from once or twice a month to about 4-5 times a week. Dont take this decision lightly

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