Do you ever get paranoid you have dissociative identity disorder? I have depersonalization/derealization and sometimes I feel like I have different versions of myself but doesn’t everyone? For example, you’re a different person around your mom than around work friends. But to me I have atleast 5 “modes” or mindsets.

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  • bomb


    yeah, i used to be convinced i had multiple people in me. I wanted them to be different so bad because i didn’t like them. but they’re all me. and it’s weird.

  • Elise_Laura


    Yes but I don’t want to have it. I’m scared that I do have it.

  • Nefelibata


    According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders fifth edition (DSM-5), Depersonalization/derealization is a subcategory of Dissociative Disorders. So depending on your particular situation, you could have other symptoms. I'm not a medical professional in any capacity❤️

  • ladybug28


    Sometime I feel like a different person day to my mind will do a complete 180 on how I feel about something the next day. I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes and I have a hard time figuring out my real feeling about something.

  • Elise_Laura


    I totally feel this post. 😥 I worry about this too!

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