I'm sick of feeling like shit all the time.

I feel some form of nausea every day. When I do have an appetite and eat, I get full very quickly. I've been dairy free for the last week in order to test if it's the problem. But it probably doesn't help that I'm not super healthy in my food choices. Either way, I don't know for sure what the problem is. My doctor basically said to try taking things out of my diet to test them which I'm doing.

I've just been having problems with my appetite and stomach and shit for a while now and I'm so tired of it.

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  • sunflower813


    I'm right there with you It's been 15 months of some form of nausea every day for me and still no answers. I don't think my doctors are taking it as seriously because I still force myself to eat at least one or two meals a day and I'm not actually vomiting (just feeling like vomiting every day), but I just want to know what's causing mine so I can fix it. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat. It's just the fact that I try to eat (or drink) anything at all. I get full so quickly now and it physically HURTS to even touch my stomach/abdomen. Have you noticed any improvement in your symptoms since going dairy-free?

    • Lady6ug


      So much of that is similar to me. Except I luckily don't have pain when I touch my stomach. Not yet anyway... And not yet, it takes about two weeks for dairy to clear the system completely. I actually already knew that I had a dairy intolerence but it was never this bad. I'm gluten intolerant too so that's what I'm gonna try next. Luckily, my doctor has said that if I don't show improvement she will send me to a specialist because my family has a history of Crohn's Disease but I really hope ot doesn't come to that.

      • sunflower813


        oh, that's right! I forgot it can take some time before things fully clear out of your system! I really hope you're able to find some sort of relief soon and get some answers as to what exactly has been causing your symptoms! The strange thing is I've lived with Crohn's disease since I was five years old, been through many flare-ups in my lifetime, and I don't remember ever having such consistent nausea for such an extended period of time. I'm actively flaring and have been for the past 2 years now, but my GI keeps telling me the nausea isn't related to my Crohn's since most of the active disease is in my colon right now. We're currently just throwing anti-nausea meds at the symptoms and hoping it... goes away on its own at some point I guess? He doesn't want to look into other possible causes (SIBO, motility disorders, etc) until I can get my migraines under better control (just to rule out that it's nausea from the migraines which are definitely contributing to nausea but not the sole cause imo), but I'm so sick (lol) of waiting for it to go away on its own.

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