What's your favorite thing to do when you're finally alone?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • hiraeth_548


    sleep tbh, I sleep probably too much yet I'm always tired

  • chiken


    fart everywhere

  • SarahSmile


    Enjoy the quietness. I have come to learn recently since I snapped off and quit my job last wk and my daughter is in school. Sooooo as soon as she goes I just sit on my couch without anything making a noise and it's like paradise.

  • karmaaa


    just be on my own, i love having my own time to read, or sleep, or cry, just do my own thing without the company of other people

  • katitomato


    Eat food and watch YouTube videos. Also get naked. Yes.

  • Willowluna21


    What I do is usually play video games watch YouTube or anime or I go roller skating by myself

  • itsnotmefr


    watch my stuffs or listen to my music on full volume and relaxxxx :3

  • Ink789


    Sleep, listen to music on max, watch tv

  • Pinky55


    Get nekkid and watch YouTube. My attention span is terrible and I don’t have much of it for my games either :(

  • Berzerk


    Roll up a fat one 😵‍💫

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