it's Thanksgiving and it's my first without my dad I've already had one panic attack and with all my siblings and their spouses and kids going to be at my house for dinner I know I'll have more and I'll have episodes of lashingout due to my depression. 😞😞Hoildays are so hard.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Complex post traumatic stress disorder


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  • dandelion_flower


    Can you ask to stay in your room or at least leave the room for breaks when you need them?

    • SlothMomma94


      I wish I've had a hard time walking up and down stairs due to my fibromyalgia so unfortunately no breaks for me but I am prepared with my headphones and my mom bought me something called a chill pill it's a device that supposed to help with anxitey

      • dandelion_flower


        I see. In that case, keep trying, I hope you'll make it through alright. Is there any rooms you can walk to without having to go up and down stairs? Like a bathroom or garage or something else to hide out in?

  • Gwen71



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