honestly I'm barely even deficient, only slightly under where I should be, but my mum refuses to let me take supplements and my cahms worker is telling me that's what's affecting my mental health. help?

Vitamin D Deficiency

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  • lostbroom


    Hello! I have a personal question that you do not have to answer but, why won't your mom let you take your supplements? Vitamin D is very important when it comes to energy, and for me, I cannot function without it. I would maybe do some research about Vitamin D and how a deficiency can effect someone and maybe present it to your mother. Hopefully she will be able to see the necessity of it. If you cannot do that due to safety, I'd suggest finding some over the counter Vitamin D at any local drug store. It's the same thing that they prescribe. I'm wishing love and healing to you <3

  • erink


    thankyou so much! she says things like it's unnatural and I just need to go outside more and eat more vegetables, but obviously I don't think that's all it is. I think I will try over the counter because she can be extremely stubborn, but thank you so much again! same to you <3

  • Teardrops


    In some locations it’s hard to get enough vitamin D through absorbing it And there are two forms of Vitamin D. D2 and D3. I have always been told to take D3. I am not sure why a supplement is unnatural. There are just things that are needed to be taken because diet or other means are not adequate for meet the bodies needs

  • Nuclearsnot


    I'd recommend still trying to take it somehow, preferably with K2 (my doctor tells me it helps with absorbing it or something). Without it I'm incredibly fatigued and not maintaining a healthy level could cause symptoms like that if it were to get worse. In my experience my mental health did improve slightly after supplementing, though it's not typically the single cause for poor mental health

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