I woke up this morning with tiny red raised bumps on my neck, back of ears, a bit on the chest and stomach. They weren't itchy or painful and the color disappeared for a second if I pressed on them. It's been almost a day now and the color has faded but I still have raised bumps on my skin and now they itch and hurt just a tiny bit. I've had an skin allergy before to tide detergent, but I haven't been exposed to any detergent like that recently. Is this a skin allergy or something else?

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  • SJP


    It could be. Look into petechiae. I get them from my lupus and from my eczema.

  • T_Girl



  • Kittypop


    SkyMD is a great way to access a dermatologist virtually, affordably, and quickly! It's an app you can download. I use it regularly (: hope that helps

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