I keep having night terrors, the main theme being someone is chasing me and/or scaring me significantly. How do you get over those lingering feelings of night terrors? I'm just starting to get into mindfulness and know about "leaves on a stream," but because my brain isn't used to this kind of thing it's hard to stay focused on it.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • moodymermaid3690


    I once had the same nightmare for months in kindergarten of a strange man attempting to kidnap me and other details I'll spare readers. It happened in some form every night, whether it was a full on nightmare of him or just his face briefly appearing in an unrelated dream. I found that drawing a picture of the man, erasing his face, and then crumbling and tossing the paper in the trash made it mostly stop. There was the rare times I'd see him, but there was never that gripping fear over me anymore. I have since used this method during other times of nightmares that are recurring in characters or themes.

  • ivy77


    I use to have night terrors such as these. Running from things that were exploding or being scared. Fear is a big part of the trauma you experienced. Dig deep, find out what the root cause is, my life was unmanageable at the time. Now I dream every dam night about the end of the world. It bothers me but confirm s there Fear of death there. Look at a American Indian Dream books. They helped me figure why I still suffer from Night terrors after 38 years. Every dream has a deeper meaning. 🙌🙏

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