I've had panic disorder and agoraphobia for a year now. I feel as if I get my panic attacks under control I'll be able to get my agoraphobia under control but every time I Have a panic attack NONE of the calming techniques work and I feel as if I'll die. Please help I don't want to be like this forever. I'm still a teen

Panic Disorder

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  • Red_Princess


    Hi I can relate to how you feel, remember you are not alone. What helps me with panic attacks is to float don’t fight. I know it sounds weird but it helps me. I try to calm my breathing and say over and over float don’t fight. Try to float through the feelings not tense up and fight them. And know it will pass. It always does and you are fine🤗 I haven’t had that much with agoraphobia but I know it takes baby steps.🤗

  • leoo


    Hi I know exactly how u feel, I'm always told to do different techniques during my panic attacks to help me calm down and it never works because I'm panicking too much to even think about them. For me, I can feel when I'm about to go on a spiral and I start doing the techniques before it starts and not while it's happening. And I still have panic attacks sometimes but instead of the uncontrollable breathing and feeling absolutely helpless I just feel floaty like the other comment said. Everyone is different but I hope this helps some <3

  • Red_Princess


    Hi So true. Everyone is different. It can get tiring sometimes. It’s nice to know people understand 🤗Thank you

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