I have been feeling a lack of motivation ever since I was in college because of how hard studying for exams was. I have graduated college and I can't land a job in what I majored in and it's been over 2 years now due to COVID-19 cutting the available jobs. I currently have no goals. People who are clinically depressed tell me that I am depressed. I would get tested, but I don't have health insurance in my dad's name anymore and I would like to have health insurance under a career which I don't have yet...can someone chat with me to determine if I am clinically depressed? Also, while we're on the topic, how do you stay motivated?


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  • Afsara


    What did you major in? I’m starting to look for a job now and i’m having anxiety thinking about not finding anything, even though I haven’t even tried yet. There are a lot of quizzes online to find out if you’re depressed

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