I ve been taking Levi thyroid medicine for last 23 years and I still get the symptoms . What is alternative method to heal this problem


acute lethargy



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  • Sandra1


    Hi, I did some serious research on the subject since just taking medication didn't help me as much as I wanted either. What I can tell you that works best for me are a few things. First of all, nutritionally, eat things with vitamin B and iron, lots of green vegetables, and the addition of omega 3. In terms of physical activity, I read a study that says that yoga helps the disease a lot, I started doing yoga and I really feel much better and balanced. In addition, acupuncture also helps me, but I don't know if acupuncture is suitable for everyone. What are you trying besides medication? Have you tried anything that works for you?

    • Julieann23


      hello thank you for your input , I walk alote im a vegetarian but my diet is not really that great . I do love salads, peas and other veggies . Last year I got Covid and my thyroid went wacky up and down it was out of control . Now I believe it’s ok I just started levotyroxine 75mgs a month ago so I won’t know till tested but Iam not nervous like it’s to high . But yoga sounds good . I’m trying to learn meditation as well.

    • LB123


      i’ve been doing a ton of research as well and speaking with a holistic woman I get it once a month shot of B12 and make sure I eat eggs a few times a week wild salmon and grass fed beef I don’t think a vegetarian diet is good for thyroid also try to incorporate Brazil nuts they are high in selenium no more than four

  • poeticswan


    Hi I'm new .I'm on levo 75mg but I don't feel like it really helps me much ..was on a.much higher dose but started getting palpitations and they lowered the dose .I'm tired constantly .but then only sleep for a few hours at a time .I try watch my iron intake as I also have Hemachromatosis ( iron overload) it is sometimes confusing I'm not sure if it's my thyroid or my iron levels causing the brain fog and chronic fatigue..

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