Have a question I’ve been having issues with numbness in my left leg and foot for years has anyone had this and does it get better? Also I’ve been suffering with a new symptom of my skin hurts. My back and arms hurt when anything touches it, it actually feels like I have bad sun burn on my back and arms when I don’t. Has anyone experienced that symptom?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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    Yes all of that, watch for weakened ankles, knees or legs... Twist your ankle a lot or have a knee give out? Yeah, start blaming the MS. See orthopedics for various braces including drop foot and custom shoe inserts. I went from falling 4x a day to going a year without a fall. Still stumble and nearly trip but way less bruising now. Mobility support dog in training to help me brace and help make up for my arm weakness

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