I'm want to get top surgery, and I have the foundation to do so too. I'm just scared. I have severe anxiety and OCD and all I can think about is the fear of regret. Does anyone know how to work through this?

Gender Dysphoria

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  • barabunnie


    hi, im a transmasc with ocd and anxiety as well, so i understand your fear. i got top surgery last year though, and i havent regretted it for a second. i used to be so anxious about whether i would regret it or not. im not sure exactly what made me get over my fear. if its something that you feel that you really need in order to feel comfortable in your body, then i don't think you'll regret that. of course i don't know your whole story and journey, but if you need time to think about whether its the right decision then its okay to do that too. i promise you i had this fear of regretting it, but after surgery and seeing how flat my chest was, in clothing and just bare, god it's such a euphoric feeling. i hope you get to have that too.

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