How do you keep yourself on your meds when things get rough?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Dhadhu


    For me I know that my meds will help. It will keep me balanced enough to deal with the everyday. It's not 100% but it's better than to deal with life without it. Sounds bad from an outside perspective but it's true.

  • dezzypiper


    My husband helps a lot. Having someone stand there and watch me take them gives me more confidence that the meds work and are worth taking. ❤️

  • curlyhairedazalie


    When you are having a “good” day, or feel stable, write a letter to your “sad” self for reasons to stay on meds.

  • Ellen


    I truly believe that the Meds keep me more balanced than I would be without them. It's important to take them, especially in times when things are rough. I take them every morning before I drink my coffee, therefore I will never forget to take them because I never start my day before I drink my coffee.

  • KayGirlGo


    I have to make myself a morning routine. I wake up and as soon as I get my kids calmed down from morning chaos I go and take them. I always grab a diet soda first thing and then I go take my pills with my first drink of the morning. I can't eat until an hour after I've taken one so I have to be considerate of the time

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