is there anything else that works for nausea besides what’s worked for me? (hot showers, leaning over, lying down in fetal position) i take zofran, doesn’t take it all away but it does help.. i also can’t take a higher dose

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting

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  • Kat02


    Yes^^ to the running alcohol!!! I don’t know how healthy it really is to do that lol but yesss!! If I smell a wiff of it , sometimes it has eased my Nausea. Before my health declined I was a vet tech. Even the veterinarians suggested to us if we ever got nauseated by any smell ( and let me tell ya, you don’t forget some smells, ever ) and they suggested to do the same. So it’s a common used thing to help with nausea. I wouldn’t recommend doing it constantly though.

  • PunkBoi


    I'm repeating myself a lot here but have you tried ginger? I take ginger root every morning and it helps a lot.

  • smalls1


    Probiotic takes mine right away, I take it daily

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