Hi. I’m new here and just getting over my first bout of Covid. Several days before I was disagnosed I stated having a lot of heart palpitations. I tend to get these occasionally, but these were more frequent and bothersome. Not painful or anything, just annoying. I am recovering and they have nearly stopped.
Anyone else?



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  • Mimi972022


    I had them and all 3 of my children. We all have a form of POTS. So our cardiologist said that he has seen many people with this symptom. It does get better as you heal. It’s just where the virus 🦠 has been attacking your body and your heart is working overtime. That’s basically what he told me. But if you keep having issues, get to the doctor ASAP.

    • JD3


      I’m two week from my positive test. I’m back at work but still have a headache, some drainage and fatigue. I really think the palpitations are largely anxiety , at least greatly added to because of it. How long did it take for your symptoms to improve once you were “over” Covid?

  • covidvictim


    I am on blood thinners due to blood clots, what you described is one of the symptoms the Doctors told me to watch out for.

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