Whenever y’all do bone marrow biopsies do they always put you under anesthesia for it or do they just use a local anesthetic for you?



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  • Annikaz


    I was put under. I was also 13 so maybe they only do that for kids…

  • Mini5_1


    It truly depends on where you’re having the procedure and if you request it. I’ve been getting bone marrow biopsy since a child. During adolescence you will be put under. As an adult some physicians find it necessary to use local anesthesia or lidocaine to numb the area. Ironically, I am expecting to have another in 5weeks and I am being sedated. Not completely under. It will be my first time particularly awake for this procedure so please pray for me. I was told it will be painless or I may feel some movement but not a lot so idk.. but request it from your doctor and see what happens.

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