Stretch mark-like red lines on thighs all the way to back of knee? I have some REALLY defined lines that are red (blood related probably) on my thighs (between) and they are also behind my knees. I am the only one in my family, we all have EDS, that has THAT defined of these lines on my legs. It’s kinda crazy, I just looked closely at it today and realized I should probably be sure that it isn’t anything that will affect me (I assume not), but wanna see if anyone else has that? I am only 18 and I have a lot of stretch marks on my thighs and legs. I wonder if this could also have to do with when I used to shave my legs, I stopped doing that because I didn’t enjoy doing it.

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Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • w1ll


    i have those too! i’ve had them since i was around 12? i don’t have many stretch marks but they’re weird

    • randochikn


      That’s so interesting! My mom and I decided to get it checked out just to see what it was caused by possibly. I am glad I am not the only one. Mine remind me of a bunch of scratches on my leg

  • Knees


    I have a bunch on mine too, I also have EDS, and they are very red on my thighs and backs of my knees. The ones that faded were much darker than my skin tone since I am very pale as a result of the Ehlers danlos. They are similar to scars on me with a similar texture to them and have been on my skin since I was around 10 or 11.

  • Alicat07


    Yeah, unfortunately a lot of people with EDS get either stretch marks or collagen tears, in varying levels of extremity but they’re really susceptible to chaffing when fabric is rubbing against them a lot or anything else, I’d suggest trying a super soft pair of leggings as an under layer if you wear jeans or anything to protect your skin a bit, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Mine get really sore if they get chaffed and it sucks, but if they are collagen years it’s not generally something to worry about other than comfort ☺️

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