hellooo does anyone have tips on detaching a person from a favorite thing? for example a show since you bonded with that person through it… how do u not feel that pain when doing that thing ?

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  • LaurenK


    I tie new memories to it or rewatch it alone so i can remember it without that person being a part of it

  • Belugabear


    Commenting for types! I want to be able to enjoy my favorite things again after leaving an abusive relationship

  • LilG


    I'd really love to know. It's so hard. 😥 I think it just takes time.

  • Rodrigo


    I am having the same problem 😥. I've found it helps me to think about the specific aspects I enjoy about the activity, what makes it my favorite activity? Try finding friends who share the same interest. It will be painful at first but I almost don't even think about the person anymore, just what I love to do!

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