Went to my annual check up yesterday and when I asked for a disabled parking pass I told by my doctor that i couldn’t get a one since the people that look through the “requests” wouldn’t think I was disabled and apparently neither does he.

I was talking to my mom about how non-accessible places are annoying for those who need it (ie. wheelchair users who don’t have access via ramps), I did not bring up anything about me or my disabilities though she brought up me posting about my disabilities online was me looking for attention when I say I don’t want it. She is right, I don’t want attention but I want people to understand my struggles. Do I post about medical things, surgeries or hospital visits? Yes. Was it for attention? No.

She says that she doesn’t consider me disabled but “mildly disabled” (and tells people that) She says compared to other people, I don’t seem disabled, which makes my imposter syndrome just go through the roof.

Yes, I know she’s taken care of my medical conditions when I couldn’t, but I’m not a child anymore. I’m still a minor, but I can make the decision on whether I want to label myself as disabled. (Though she often says that being a child of God should be my identity)

I’m embarrassed to use a cane now, not to mention it causes pain, but I have no other mobility aid. My own doctor said that I don’t need one either. I’m so frustrated and tired.

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  • Situpdown


    So sorry you have to deal with this. ❤️ unfortunately people dont understand. We have be stronger because of this. You have support here.

    • strawberrydog


      Thank you so much 💕

  • wise


    I am literally in a wheelchair full-time and I'm still not legally considered disabled. I don't qualify for disability and I can't get a handicap placard because I don't drive. Idk what the definition of disabled is but it must be hella specific and not actually achievable if neither of us qualify

  • Mj_and_Otis


    That sucks. I walk with platform crutches and leg braces, and my mom gives me crap about it all the time. Luckily my doctor gets some of how bad it is, agrees I am disabled, and has given me letters for parking pass and service dog. I don’t like being disabled. I don’t like being in constant pain and having surgeries and using crutches. But it’s better for it to be acknowledged than not, because it makes you feel like your faking and makes it harder to accept your disability. The whole thing sucks and I’m sorry you have to go through this too

  • darkstarrynight


    Sounds very hard, and most doctors assume that young people are a lot healthier, and have trouble believing children / youth when they say they have a problem. I hope you're somehow able to get what you need anyways.

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