I've gone through early onset menopause and my HS seems to be worsening, anybody with this experience or the opposite??
my doctors don't seem to really have an answer for me

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

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  • Ashley92


    I think I'm experiencing menopause I'm not sure I'm only 30

  • GoldTransMan


    There is actually quite a bit of research on this. For a long time, doctors thought that menopause would case flares to die down, but after several medical studies, they found the contrary to be true: more than 70% of women with HS saw an increase in number and intensity of flarez during menopause. Because nobody *really* understands the etiology of HS, they're basically throwing darts, blindfolded, and hiping to hit the board. I always do the "trial and error" process, when in doubt.

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