I’m still living with my parents, and i’m struggling to stay sober but I can’t let them know i’m struggling. When my mental health gets bad I smoke more, but my parents told me i have to stay sober if I’m living with them.



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  • TigerLily79


    I know how hard it is to stay sober. And I often smoke more cigarettes when I struggle with it too. A counselor I met a long my journey, said to me we will always use as long as we don't like ourselves. So since then I have been on a mission to like me....I'm succeeding and the more I like myself the more the urge to use goes away. Try picking up a hobby....something that you like to do or would like to try that you did not do while using. Give it 100%. That may help too. Or take a walk. That will help your mental state to calm down and boosts your self esteem. Hope some of these helps!

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