I keep thinking that im over the break up, and when I think im having a good day something always brings me back to the meme I had with him and I just cry again. I know we broke up but he said he’ll be there for me. I shouldn’t care if he finds someone new, he needs to move on. But why am I so paranoid about it?


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  • melabeille


    It's natural, love - sending hugs. What helped me was what the main guy in How I Met Your Mother did: write your future self a letter. It'll be about why the relationship needed to end, why you shouldn't go back (or at least why you'd need to think thrice before doing so), etc. Include big reasons & all the small reasons, too. If possible, try to get yourself a BIT worked up & frustrated so that you make sure to include everything. And if you think of anything else later, go ahead and add it to your letter. I know for me talking it out with a friend helped bc she reminded me about the things I was blind to at the time. Most importantly, keep it handy -- "future self" at first will be later that same day, then a few times a week, month, year... Over time you won't even need to consult it anymore. 💜

  • Akemi


    It's normal to feel that way. You may mentally understand that you'll be OK but emotions take time. And there's no guidebook to how long, everyone is different. All you can do is take each memory as it comes, remind yourself that it's a fond memory from the past and focus on healing yourself. And one day, when you're ready, you'll make happy memories with someone else. But for now it's OK to be sad and mourn what to had, so long as you remember to pick yourself back up afterwards.

  • Knotless1133


    Dm me so we can talk. I’m going through the same thing rn too ♥️♥️

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