Hi there! Has anyone gone sugar-free or tried anything else for diabetes prevention due to the associated increased risk?


Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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  • Missa526


    I've reduced my sugar to mainly just natural sugars because of chronic pancreatitis, along with other chronic issues. I still will have the occasional glass of Sparkling juice or apple juice but for the most part I've cut way down.

    • CreativC


      Thanks for your response! Would you mind elaborating a little bit about any initial issues you may or may not have had with cutting added sugar out, things I might expect... Like withdrawal, mood swings, did you have any of that?

      • aleboo


        Im not the op but i definitely had extreme mood swings and sugar withdrawals, also HEADACHES!!!! But it all went away within 2 and a half weeks, its hard but its worth it

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