has anyone experienced negative side effects with Zoloft. I have so much anxiety already about my health and I'm not sure if Zoloft is helping or making it worse


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  • LilyLilac


    The only negative experience I have with zoloft is that it makes me feel a bit tired. From what I was told the first few weeks of taking zoloft can make your anxiety worse though.

  • Highly_kade


    I took it for about 2 years after my diagnosis, I upped my dose once or twice, before finally deciding to go off, after so long it may stop working as well and was causing major weight gain for me. If you're worried about it, talk with your doctor, I've had many friends have no issues taking it consistently for years with no issues

  • Jackalopez


    Zoloft made me irritable. I think it's definitely worth checking with your doctor.

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