how do you trust someone who is constantly breaking your trust and begging for forgiveness?
I don't hate him I still love him but holy d*mn is it hard to trust him again.
I don't know if I ever can again. I think I'm on my last straw before I have a break down


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  • ceruleanstar


    You don't. Someone constantly breaking your trust does not respect you or your relationship.

  • unicorn


    It’s really hard, but it might be a good time to consider distancing yourself. I had someone in my life that was really dear to me, but she would make promises and break them/not follow through over and over, and she told me that we were family and I that was a priority in her life, but her actions did not reflect that. I still really love her, but I had to put some boundaries in place and create some distance because I was being hurt over and over again and I was starting to not be able to trust her. It was really hard, and I had to mourn the relationship for a while, but I know it is what is best in the long run. If the person is constantly breaking your trust, it is impossible to trust him, and he may not deserve your trust. Make sure that he/you are not gaslighting yourself into believing otherwise. Is the relationship worth the pain and emotional turmoil? What is best for your well-being?

  • Femalepotato


    Same here but id be homeless without him so I have to make it work. 😕 even if I could leave idfk if I would because I still love him. Unfortunately I think I love the old him and its partially 2½ yrs worth of a built up attachment.

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