how severe are your tremors, how often?



Essential Tremor (ET)

Nausea and Vomiting

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  • gweny


    my hands have a tremor all the time. It isnt super severe for me luckily but its enough to make things like photos, drawing, etc difficult. Some days are way worse than others, I find my anxiety worsens it

    • mamaKristen


      is eating i.e feeding yourself, keeping food atop a fork or spoon, ever difficult for you? My is like a violent tremor compared to anyone's I've seen so far.

  • 30Years_Of_This


    Has anyone tried topiramate (also known as Topamax) for Tremors? What side effects are you having?

    • Patico


      I was, I have to stop it, because so many unpleasant side effects, like loosing wait, nausea, sleeping all the time, out of breath, sometimes I felt like I’m gonna have a síncope, not kidding, horrible medicine for me, it help a little with my tremors, but, I can’t take it no more. Now I feel better with out it, tremors yes, but I don’t care.

  • TracyandLanita



  • Catwitch14


    Every day, all the time. Truthfully I think it would be weirder if I didn't have them anymore cuz I'm so used to it.

  • 100Percent_K


    All day everyday, worsens when I try to grab things, am stressed out, etc

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