Hey folks. I just recently found out that I have colorectal cancer. No biopsies yet but a mass was found causing blockage and an infection in the same area as my appendix. In fact we all thought I had appendicitis until the CT scan came back. I've been doing ALOT of reading on this since my partial diagnosis last week. Doctors won't give a definitive answer before a biopsy, so between reading and, now, understanding my surgeons lingo, I was able to decipher my condition prior biopsy.
Polyps in the colon are pretty much NON-CANCEROUS until they become a tumor. once a tumor, 8 out of 10 is pretty much cancerous. it's EXTREMELY EXTREMELY RARE for a polyp to cause blockage of any kind. If there is any blockage, it's most likely a tumor around stage 2 to, perhaps, 3. Blood may not always be present, nor pain. I wouldn't have known a thing if it wasn't infected. I thought whatever blood I did see, light in color, was hemorrhoidal. It was both (sorry to be graphic).
I've decided not to get treatments. From what I've read here and online the the treatment is almost worse than the cancer though the tumor has to go.
I'm really not scared. Scared was slowly dying at home by myself from covid delta to which I did die but a dream of my best friend who died from covid whom I got the covid from came to me and more or less said it's not my time... so here I am.
My entire life from the very beginning has been a sad story and I've made the best of it. I will continue to do so to the very end including working and helping others as I've always done. The only hard part now is that I'm single and deprived of the luxuries of a good woman because I work graveyard. Hopefully, SOON, GOD BLESS IT, I'll get that resolved.
My heart goes out to all who are sick. May God bless you all and may Jesus heal you.
Thanks for your time... 🤟

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  • DukeandIsa2


    🙏Treatment is tough but doable. Please at least get the some treatment. Your possible cancer sounds alot like mine. 5 cm mass shrunk down to a 1/2 cm with 5 weeks of chemo radiation. Consider that while making your decision about treatments. Btw i was a stage 3 now I'm cancer free according to lady scans and blood work.

  • DukeandIsa2


    I also had major surgery and more chemo after. Just saying think of the whole picture. God speed and wishing you better health.

  • JinMar


    I think you should rethink this. Your deceased friend came to you in a dream, don't you think you should listen to that friend this time to? You may have more work here. Just think about it. I hope you decide to get treatments...

  • Fangirl


    Chemotherapy treatment for colon cancer is one of the most manageable chemo treatments to undergo. Many people continue to work throughout treatment. Surgery can often remove almost all of the cancer and chemotherapy can fight off remaining cancer cells. It would be worthwhile to have the surgery and know what stage cancer you are dealing with before deciding about whether or not to do chemo. I am a 5 year stage 3 survivor. I did surgery and chemo. You never know, maybe you’ll meet the love of your life while treating your cancer.

    • Godzilla2014


      What a thought Fangirl... 😉

  • UnsureGuy


    Don’t think too much about it, at the same time just prepare yourself. Not to say to scare you, but prepare yourself of what the doctors findings will be. Be strong and believe to yourself that things will be good whatever it might wind up at the end. Pray to Big but upstairs as he listens always. Take care and let us know please.

  • michele55


    Hey there Godzilla How are you hanging in? Believe me when I tell you that I know and understand what your going through and how you feel!! I will pray for you and I will keep you in my thoughts daily.

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