I struggle really badly with my hormonal cycle especially mentally to where I have been hospitalized for it before. people just tell me to stick through it, but it's really a medical emergency every month sometimes. I'm trying ways to reduce symptoms so I don't get knocked down every month like this. Does anyone have any methods that helped them manage these extreme hormonal mood shifts? (PMDD)

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

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  • ButterflyBeauty


    What I heard works is exercise! Even if it’s simply going for a walk. Moving around and letting that energy out helps manage some of the extremeness of hormones. Although, I need to start doing that myself, what I do is find hobbies that keep me occupied and hop around them. Sometimes I read, play games, crochet, or go hammocking! That way you always have an option if you’re not in the mood for one or the other. Hope this helps even a little!

  • uhnyeiss


    if you’re at all interested in taking a birth control pill to help, I started Yaz at the beginning of july, and it’s the first month that i’ve felt like i’m able to be more stable and not let thoughts and anxiety effect me as much. I haven’t done too much research about natural alternatives, but I did see something about evening primrose oil helping!! good luck on your journey and feel free to send a message anytime! :-)

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