hey! lil intro.
I'm a highschooler who turns 18 in 47 days ( 01/29th ) I have ASD(Assburgers) along with brain damage, DID, and other Neurological disorders.
at the moment, I'm fixated on splatoon2. im also bi-sexual and aro-ace.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Conditions of Brain

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  • Kaiden


    hello! fellow pansexul highschooler here. are you excited for your 18th birthday? i’ve also always wanted to get into / play splatoon but i never have actually taken action to do so, what do you enjoy about it? :)

  • sole


    Im actually a little nervous for it! So is my whole system. And splatoon is so fun! I like the single-player / story plot of the game! I'm currently very competitive. Uhmmm.... I like the graphics! Plus the fact its the only third person game (:

  • caravan


    🐛 fellow bisex arospec aspec highschooler w autism & osdd1b!! we're hyperfixated on south park (yeah. i know 😭) & i have a special interest on psychology :]

  • antiquejade


    i'm a pan highschooler and i really like splatoon 2 as well. i'm asexual. you seem really cool

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