Does anyone else feel like they’re losing months of your life due to extreme chronic pain. I’m missing out on almost everything people my age do because I’m stuck in bed. It’s hard so I wonder if others share the feeling

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  • sapphicsucculents


    Think a lot of my life has been lost to chronic pain and illness. People are so far ahead of me it's not even funny... And I used to be way ahead of them. Now I'm 20, unemployed, and barely maintaining college courses. So, yeah, I get it.

  • hazyeclipse


    Yes. I've lost years to it now. I'm missing out on college, celebrating my 21st birthday now, on having a social life, working on my skills and hobbies, etc.. my illness has taken everything from me. My quality of life is horrible and I spend my days alone, in the house, often having to be in bed and there's very little to do. It's mind numbingly boring and there's just no end in sight to the suffering and to this dullness

  • KikiMack


    Yes. You’re not alone. I have been suffering for 30 years and feeling like everyone is living except me. I am bedridden from pain. I think the only way to get through it is to keep talking to others about it and try to find a few moments of joy in the day. Just a moment that makes you feel happy. It’s extremely difficult and frustrating. Thankfully the people here seem to understand and it helps.

  • Y0g1


    This is probably something on here nearly everyone with chronic pain can relate to! You put it into words and those words were deeply felt by me and others. I live at home with my parents and we joke that I am more like 91 than 21. I think a big part of chronic pain/illness is allowing yourself to grieve for the parts of life you have and will miss. Chronic pain doesn’t only hurt you physically it can hurt emotionally- seeing friends/others your age doing things that you wish you could be a part of, or having friends invite you out and saying no because your body won’t let you. So freaking relatable

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