Has anyone tried pelvic floor physical therapy to help with their endometriosis?


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  • Myckele


    Yes! It has worked off and on for me as my Endo is in stage 4 and pretty unresponsive to treatment besides surgery

  • Mars


    I have! It was very very helpful, and my PT was able to point out which activities and reactions to my symptoms caused my issue (which was that my tense body had caused my pelvic floor to rest at a position that was almost as tight as it could get), as well as point out issues throughout my body that my endo has caused and some skeletal issues. She was very helpful and gave me some great exercises and advice, especially where pain with sex is concerned. It is also very validating if you’re used to being gaslit but doctors, because a pelvic PT can tell you have a problem by the first exam because they know what things are supposed to look and feel like inside and out. Just make sure that your insurance will cover if need be, I was only able to have six appointments or so before they denied me. I would absolutely recommend pelvic floor physical therapy, at least to try.

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