Does anyone have acne rosacea or have bumps that don’t pop? And had anyone gotten procedures done to get rid of them. Trying out some facials currently.


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  • Timbar1995


    Hi, I understand the problem because I suffered from acne for years. My biggest mistake was my attempt to "pop" the acne. This left scars on my face that a beautician later had a hard time dealing with. I started with facials but they didn't help me that much. After that, I tried taking a certain antibiotic that the dermatologist prescribed for me for a while but it didn't help either, and in the end, the only thing that helped me was isotretinoin. I highly recommend that you involve both your dermatologist and a beautician in this so that after it wears off, your face will be smooth and beautiful again.

  • Coconutchip


    Thank you for your advice, glad something worked for you! Keeps me hopeful 💕

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