How did/do you overcome being alone without a romantic partner?


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  • Marceline2005


    I spent most of my life that way and even when I had a partner, I didn't share my mental health with them. in fact, I tried to shield them from it at all costs, thinking they'd get freaked out and leave (which they did for the most part). I honestly don't know how I survived being alone for 18 years before I met my girlfriend and left home, but I did.

  • Rhen


    God! Pray. You can also enjoy your own company by doing things you like alone. Talk to yourself. Write how you’re thinking or feeling. It’s okay to not have a romantic partner. Do things with friends and family!

  • JessL0


    I started becoming closer with my family and now my mom is my biggest supporter and I’m actually proud - not embarrassed - to call her my best friend.

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